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Boundary Setting For The Sake Of Healing

You are the rock in your family and the one people can count on for help.

You are a people pleaser who has a tendency to do too much, and say yes too often.

You also feel resentful when you don’t have enough time for yourself, and when people can’t help you in the same way you help them.

I know this because I’m one of you, and I’ve had to learn to pay attention, closely, to how I really feel about people and how they treat me… then make myself my first priority, even if THEY don’t like it.

The physical body is so deeply connected to how we think and feel. Knowing this is why my desire to heal my psoriasis and digestive issues has driven me to really pay attention and stop putting myself to the side.

When You ignore your resentments, they get lodged in your physical body, and then create symptoms like stomach aches, psoriasis, any autoimmune issue, etc.

You can begin the momentum toward healing your body like I have...

Take notice of your resentments, then choose to set boundaries with others in order to protect yourself from feeling resentful again!

This is about you making yourself a priority and choosing to cultivate your own happiness and health.

Your body, mind, and soul will thank you, as well as the people who are receptive to your healing energy. The others will fall away, and not only is that OK, it’s encouraged!

I can help you discover how to Love yourself unconditionally so you can show up authentically in the world and become a healer through example.

If you’re interested in working 1:1 with me, you can contact me through my website…

Or, if you’re local, shoot me a text at...


P.S. Check out the Holistic Touch Classes which will help you…

🦋Awaken your intuition, gain clarity for your needs

🦋Release from stress and anxiety

🦋Feel more aligned, grounded, and at peace

These classes are a great way to introduce yourself to understanding your body, mind and spirit connection so you can live your life on the highest level of alignment towards health, peace, and enjoyment!

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