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Which Is The Best Healing Crystal?

quartz necklace

Which is the best healing crystal? This answer would likely be different for just about everyone, but for me, hands down, my number one Crystal is the clear crystal quartz. It’s energy cuts through negativity in a way that my aura can feel most clearly. If I could have no other stone, this is the one I would want to have with me at all times.

I conduct many acts of energy work and send out healing vibrations towards people on a regular basis. This energetic transfer could be with my clients, somebody I’m talking to in the grocery store, or even a family member or friend over the phone. Other people’s energies can attach to your aura so it’s best to be careful, as I am cautious and mindful of my own when I’m with others. This “attachment” can result in negative symptoms such as fatigue and even sadness when previously you had felt fine. So what I do to protect myself on a daily basis is I use mental images of healing white light to prevent the negative energies from attaching and protect my positive vibrations. However, that being said, we are human, and even at our best, energy leakages can and do occur. In addition to wearing a healing crystal necklace every day, I also have a daily ritual before bed to place a clear quartz to my forehead and mentally guide Reiki energy that is amplified by the stone to flow through my head, down my body and out my toes to the ground. This ritual clears my energy of negative static I might’ve picked up from others, as well as clears my own negativity making me a more effective healer the next day.

Clear quartz is my “go to” stone, but for someone else it could be amethyst, tiger eye, or perhaps turquoise. A way to find the stone that works best for you is to hold the stone and see how it speaks to your aura. Another way to choose your stone would be to identify your healing needs on an emotional level, and then identify which stones’ healing properties correspond.

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