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  JANUARY 25 - 29, 2021 at 6:30PM


During The Course Of This Free, Live Event Challenge, You Will...


  • Discover Your Own Mind, Body, And Soul Connection So You Can Become Your Own Most Powerful Healer!


  • Awaken To Your True Desires And Gain Clarity For Your Life Direction!

  • Learn Stress Reduction Tools And Techniques That You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life!


  • Connect Your Energy And Intention To The Power Of Your Ancestors And The Collective Universe!

  • Tap Into Your Intuition So You Can Begin To Create A Life You Love! 

Hi, I am Charissa Colacioppo and I am a holistic healer and coach who guides you in finding those connections between mind, body, and soul so you tap into your own intuition and become your own most powerful healer!

This is your divine birthright, to awaken to your true self and show up authentically in the world while creating your life into a life you love!

So, join me, and other like-minded people, into kickstarting your self-healing and manifesting power during my 5 Day Manifesting Challenge located in my Free Facebook Group called, Holistic Evolution.

After you sign up with your name and email, the next step is to join my Facebook group and you're all set!

Can't wait to get this manifestation started!